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Mission and vision

  • Pam Intends to serve ordinary human wellness needs by enabling our virtual community of members to 'independently exercise together', anywhere and anytime, in order to achieve their daily personal fitness and other self-improvement goals. We will honor this Intention by introducing our clients to advanced captology tools, personal accountability and recognition programs, and professional coaching support; furthermore, we will continuously provide our members with practical education on safe, fun and playful wellness products and self-improvement programs of the highest quality.

  • Pam Intends to consistently 'inspire the desire' for daily personal fitness to a standard that matches our society's current desire for daily personal hygiene. In other words, it is a Pam Intention to intrinsically motivate our members to make daily exercise and active play as natural, enjoyable and convenient as washing their hands - readily available in small amounts throughout a normal day, and over their entire lifetime.

  • Pam Intends to steadfastly promote and support the natural preventative precepts of Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) in today's modern world, in all matters concerning the total balanced wellness of the individual:
    1. Eating the proper amounts (portions) and types of foods to maintain optimal health and avoid obesity.
    2. Avoiding harmful chemicals and hormones in our food.
    3. Eating foods and supplements that yield a daily supply of our requisite vitamins, minerals and basic amino acids.
    4. Exercising throughout the day to yield the equivalent of a natural amount of exercise and playful, restorative activity.
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